The night is heavy!Major progress has been made in the commercial use of 5G

Issuing time:2020-08-07 12:09

The first evolution version of 5G standard has been completed, and the functional update of the standard is mainly aimed at the two major application scenarios of 5G in the Internet of Things, namely large-scale Internet of Things business and low-latency, high-reliable connection business.

5G first evolutionary version standard completed

On the evening of July 3, the International Standards Organization 3GPP announced the formal freeze of 5G R16 standard, marking the completion of the first evolutionary version of 5G standard.The standards were originally scheduled to be released in March 2020, but were postponed to a recent meeting due to the outbreak.

It is reported that China mobile to continue to play a role of main force in the R16 standardization, submit the technical proposal more than 3000, more than thirty percent of the total number of global operators proposal, leading to complete 15 technical standards work, including to authors efficiency of wireless data acquisition and application, deal with distal station interference elimination of atmospheric duct, high-speed scene performance improvement, etc.

China mobile said in the WeChat official account that the standard freeze means that the technology has been fully formed and can be preliminarily put into commercial use.The preliminary construction of 5G base stations and production terminals is carried out in accordance with the R15 standard frozen in 2018, which is an enhanced version of R15 this time.

It has been two years since the last full 5G version was released in June 2018.The reason why the completion of the protocol version is so significant is that this phase of R16 standard is that the function and protocol appear on the physical interface between the physical units to which the function unit has been mapped. After the completion of this protocol version, each manufacturer can make specific products according to this version.

Two big application scenarios of Internet of Things

The function of the standard update mainly for 5 g in iot two scenarios that large-scale network business and low delay, high reliable connection of business (another application scenario for enhanced mobile broadband), specific changes in technology have larger super reliable low-latency communication enhancement, enhance V2X support, honeycomb support and extension of the Internet of things, enhance network section, etc.

The freezing of THE R16 version improves the efficiency of 5G and further enhances the application ability of 5G in the service industry, that is, it further enters into all walks of life and gives birth to new digital ecological industry.For example, V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) and V2I (vehicle-to-roadside unit) direct communication is supported. By introducing multicast, broadcast and other communication methods, V2X supports vehicle formation, semi-automatic driving, extensive sensors, remote driving and other richer vehicle networking application scenarios.In industry applications, a variety of 5G open-mouth positioning technologies have been introduced to improve positioning accuracy by more than 10 times to reach the meter level.

In the business field of low delay and high reliable connection, such as the introduction of new technology to support 1 microsecond synchronization accuracy and 0.5-1 millisecond open slot delay, the fastest can achieve the end-to-end delay of less than 5 milliseconds and higher reliability, providing support for industrial-level time sensitivity.

Caixin Securities believes that after the R16 standard is frozen, the r&d and manufacturing of related products will enter the accelerated stage, and 5G application scenario will be accelerated. It is suggested to pay attention to the relevant Internet of Things, Internet of vehicles, industrial Internet standards and the main equipment suppliers of 5G construction, etc.

Everbright securities previously thought in the research report, the freezing of 5 g R16 standard is expected to catalytic thematic investment opportunities, can focus on the benefits niche: car networking is the key of the R16, and updated stock is A share only through the end-to-end authentication car networking chip company, involved in the module terminals are emerging, involved the OBU's role in the ten thousand science and technology, roadside/on-board unit machine for gold overflow technology, involving the car desai west wei and four dimensional diagram of new high-precision map;Network slice is a prerequisite for 5G networking, which can be followed by main equipment manufacturers of China Mobile, and MMW can be followed by Shuobai, Hetaitai, Mataguang Technology, etc.

Hua 'an Securities also pointed out that in the downstream application of 5G car networking, the market space is large and the certainty is high. C-v2x will bring huge technical dividends and market increment.For example, vehicle-road coordination and Smart traffic Track No. 1 Technology, module scarce target remote communication, high-precision map service provider four-dimensional map new, domestic leading auto electronics manufacturer Desai Xiwei, intelligent driving leader ZhongkeChuanda, Shengeng Commercial vehicle Internet hongquan Union, computer vision solution provider Honsoft Technology.

Zte, a subsidiary of Gao Xing Xing, focuses on the enterprise market of Internet of Things, covering the wireless communication module of Internet of Things, Internet of vehicles products, terminal of Internet of Things industry, communication management platform of Internet of Things and overall solutions of the industry.

SDN/NFV is the key technology of network slice. The main business of Kexin Shengcai, a subsidiary of Halo New Network, includes SDN network. Ruijie Network, a subsidiary of Star Network, actively deploys SDN service and has obvious technical advantages.Shenke Network under Zhenhua Technology is a domestic professional SDN solution provider.

Incomplete statistics from Securities Times · Data Treasure show that the total market value of 5G concept stocks in circulation is 3 trillion yuan. According to the forecast net profit growth rate of more than five institutions in 2020, a total of 19 5G concept stocks grow at more than 50%.

Global stock markets continue to rise, and the number of infections in Brazil may exceed 10 million

On Friday, U.S. stocks were closed for the independence day holiday, while European markets were weak, mostly down, with the ftse 100, Germany's DAX and France's CAC40 falling 1.38 percent, 0.74 percent and 0.84 percent, respectively.

In the past week, the Shanghai Composite index and the Shenzhen Component Index led the global rally, with weekly gains of 5.82% and 5.25%, respectively.The NASDAQ index in the US stock market achieved four consecutive gains this week, the latest closing record again, weekly gains only less than the Shanghai Index and the Shenzhen component index.Of the world's major indexes, only the Nikkei 225 fell.

This week's gains in key global stock indexes were driven by better-than-expected economic data from China, Europe and the United States, suggesting that the global economy continues to recover.China's Caixin services purchasing managers' index rose to its highest level in more than a decade in June, while the euro zone's services purchasing managers' index rose to 48.3 in June, up from 30.5 in May and beating expectations of 47.3.Spain's index of purchasing managers in services also jumped from 27.9 to 50.2, an impressive rise.The composite PMI for the eurozone rose to 48.5 in June from 31.9 in May.

Data from the U.S. Labor Department showed revised nonfarm payrolls rose 4.8 million in June, a record high, but coronavirus infections continued to rise alarmingly in 40 of the 50 STATES, continuing to worry investors.

On the dynamics of the epidemic, a national survey conducted by the Brazilian Ministry of Health shows that the actual number of coVID-19 infections in Brazil may have exceeded 10.5 million, more than seven times the number of confirmed coVID-19 infections reported so far in Brazil.Brazil's federal government hopes the study will help local governments develop measures to open up or restrict economic activity.

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