5G News updated: The Android brand will come with Apple's available SMS applets

Issuing time:2020-09-15 09:55

On the afternoon of July 2, Zhuang Renfeng, deputy general manager of China Mobile Internet Company, delivered a speech entitled "Exploration and Thinking of 5G Message" at the "RCS-5G Message Forum" held by GSMA today. He revealed that mainstream Android brands have upgraded 5G messaging UP1.0, while Apple users experience 5G messaging through "SMS applepages", indirectly achieving full mobile coverage of 5G messaging.

In May, China Mobile launched a 5G messaging App, which is available on the Apple App Store and some Android App stores. This caused confusion after the three major carriers said that with 5G messages, users would not need to download clients.

In fact, China Mobile's development of a 5G messaging App has something to do with Iphones. People familiar with the matter said at the time that 5G messages are supported on Android phones without the need to download an App. Native support for iOS phones depends on Apple's policy. Discussions between carriers and Apple have been ongoing for the past few years.

In a speech today, Zhuang Renfeng, deputy general manager of China Mobile Internet Company, revealed the latest solution to the problem.

The scale of 5G messaging terminal coverage has been rapidly improved, he said. Operators' customized terminals will soon realize full coverage of 5G messaging Up2.4, and mainstream Android brands have upgraded 5G messaging UP1.0. Huawei EMUI8.1 or above is fully supported. Xiaomi MIUI10.1 and above support; OPPO has been put into storage and listed, and the public version has been upgraded. Vivo has more than warehousing listed. Currently, mainstream Android brands are actively following the 5G news UP2.4 version.

Facing Apple mobile phone, China Mobile Internet Company has developed "short message applet", which is based on the method of "short message + authentication +H5 applet" and can indirectly achieve full mobile phone coverage of 5G messages to meet the experience demand of Apple users for 5G messages.

In addition to terminal coverage, Zhuang also announced the new progress of 5G messaging in several aspects.

In terms of life services, hundreds of 5G life messaging apps have been developed, covering different types of life scenes such as ticket purchase, travel, meal ordering and entertainment. He gave the example of a hypothetical restaurant called Haidilao hotpot, where a reservation can be made directly through a 5G messaging app, and the reservation information can be easily notified to friends and family dining together.

In terms of office services, Chatbot has been tried in the field of mobile office. For example, after enterprises configure the office application into 5G messages, employees can quickly complete office supplies application, production approval, human management and other operations at the SMS entrance, which could only be completed by internal office APP or PC before.

In terms of promoting ecological settlement, docking with multiple head application ecology is carried out to provide support for the rapid migration of head applications and services to 5G messaging platform. Future users will be able to easily and quickly use their own familiar applications on the messaging interface. Taking web games as an example, China mobile Internet company is discussing with netease how to let users directly launch the game within 5G message window and carry out game operation.

Zhuang renfeng believes that 5G messaging not only realizes the rich media of SMS, but more importantly, realizes the Internet of SMS. Message as a service, a message can be an Internet application that does not need to be downloaded. Each app USES a mobile phone number as an account number, which unifies the accounts of each app system. In this way, various application systems can be more easily interconnected, their respective capabilities can be opened more efficiently, mutual empowerment can be realized, 5G message calls other application capabilities do not need to download App, thus greatly improving user convenience.


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