What changes can 5G NR broadcasting bring to you?

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What changes can 5G NR broadcasting bring to you?



On December 3, 2020, the China Technology Industry and Seminar was held in Beijing. The cause of the epidemic, Opticombine entered the scene and participated in the conference through network digital TV. At the meeting, China Radio and Television Zeng Qingjun introduced that 5G NR broadcasting does not change the existing network transmission system. It uses the existing NR channel to allow all 5G terminals to receive digital TV broadcast in 5G mode, without worrying about traffic and network congestion.

What is the 700MHz technology industry application seminar?

With the continuous acceleration of 5G commercial applications, the pace of the industry continues to accelerate. In order to improve 5G network coverage in the future, enrich application scenarios, and accelerate 5G development, so as to prosper the digital economy, serve the masses of users, and actively develop 5G technical proposals, equipment access, and pilot projects To build and create an efficient and convenient communication platform, the 700MHz technology industry application seminar guided by China Radio and Television Network Co., Ltd. and hosted by China Industry and Information Technology Publishing and Media Group Co., Ltd. was born. An open and inclusive platform.

No worry about using traffic

Zeng Qingjun, deputy general manager of China Radio and Television Network Co., Ltd., delivered a speech. He said that 5G NR broadcasting will not change the existing network transmission system, and use the existing NR channel to allow all 5G terminals to receive 5G digital TV broadcasts. , Don’t worry about traffic and network congestion. A typical example, such as the upcoming Winter Olympics, can you let all 5G-enabled mobile phones watch the TV broadcast by radio and television instead of using data.

In June 2019, China Radio and Television and the original three major operators obtained 5G commercial licenses. In order not to form a vicious and suppressive homogenous competition with the three major suppliers, but to form a hundred flowers blooming together to promote differentiated development. The breakthrough point China Radio and Television has found is 5G NG broadcasting.


Opticombine comes with you

At the same time, China Radio and Television's strategy to deal with the challenges of China's three major operators is also worthy of Opticombine, which also coincides with the philosophy that Opticombine has always implemented. Opticombine has been established for less than 20 years and is considered a relatively young company in China's communications industry.

But Opticombine is located in Mianyang, the only city of science and technology in China. The relatively low labor cost allows us to invest the saved capital to build better quality products The upper level controls, inspection after inspection before delivery to ensure that customers receive the products without quality problems.

With many years of experience in dealing with the optical communication industry, Opticombine allows Opticombine to think what customers think and act before customers, so that you can know what you need without opening your mouth and reach a tacit understanding with customers.

Fast delivery speed has bought a lot of time for the customer's construction period. One-to-one full follow-up service allows you to quickly get solutions to problems. Lifelong after-sales service consultation allows customers and Opticombine to be more than a simple business relationship Intimacy like a friend. You can trust Opticombine just like you trust your second self. Our existence is only to bring you convenience, so as to save time and money to do other things and enjoy life.

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