A story tells you how to pick up a suitable industrial switch for your use?

Issuing time:2021-02-25 09:09

The switches have various types in the market. How to select a switch which not only can satisfy your requirements but also costs you less. Let's start with a story.


One of my customers told me, he is not satisfied with the switch which bought from a famous e-store. I asked the reason. He told me that first, the price is much higher than ours. And secondly, the recommended products by their sales performed badly. He thinks troubled if he applies for a refund or sends the goods back to the warehouse and asks for a new one. His project cannot wait for such a long time. He has no choice but to buy a substitute from his local market at a higher price. He expresses how regretful he is now.

Why he did not choose our factory? He came to me at the end of 2020 when the delivery cost was expensive. He showed his worry about the quality of our products and just tried to test it at first. The freight is far higher than the cost of a sample. So he did not choose to corporate with us. It is normal. We completely understand. Opticombine is new to you compared with the big brand. But our quality is guaranteed. You can test it anytime to see whether I am cheating.

The real industrial-grade quality can withstand any environment. We have acquired CE, UL, RoHS, etc,. Five years and a lifetime warranty make you no worry about the quality or after-sales service. 24/7 quick service helps you solve any problems.

Some worries still exist. We do not push you to buy it now. You just wait for there. You can see how your customers buy our products from your competitor and come to place a repeat order again and again. And you can also see how much your neighbors have saved by corporating from us.

You can come to us to know more information about the products that you are looking for. We can have a corporation with a trial order. And if you still have some other worries, you can test the sample first.   You can also add us to your potential list if you have consistent suppliers now. No costs you pay if you come to us to know more information about the product or the market information. Do not hesitate. No reason can make you depressed.

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