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1310nm Optical Transmitter
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1310nm Optical Transmitter
Product Series: Optical Fiber Amplifier
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1. The transmitting modules of this machineadopt the imported DFB laser, the max output power can reach to 36mW.

2. The internal RF driving amplifier andcontrolling circuit of this machine can ensure the best C/N. The perfect andstable circuit of optical power output and controllingcircuit of thermoelectric refrigeration device of laser module assure the userthe best quality and stable working for a long time.

3. Intelligent fan, it will run when the case temperature reach 32℃~35℃.

4. WithAGC/MGC control to ensure the stable output when different RF in.

5. Theinternal micro-processor software has many functions such as laser monitoring,number display, trouble alarm and on-line management. Once the workingparameter of the laser is out of the fixed range, there will be a red lightglistening to alarm.

6. The RS-232 standardconnector makes it is possible to manage on line and monitor in another place.

7. The machine adopts 19”standard shelf and it can work withthe voltage from 110V to 254V.

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