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Indoor Optical Receiver
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Indoor Optical Receiver
Product Series: Optical Fiber Amplifier
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1. 19’’Rack, profession heat sink

2. Dualinputs, auto/manual switching.

3. AdoptsHigh performance PIN photoelectric conversion tube

4. Adoptsprofessional RF switch module, low loss but high switching rate

5. Optical Control AGC assures the stable output level

6. SMTProcess, perfect process circuit design

7. Adopts   low noise   all-GaAs MMIC as pre-amplifying IC

8. AdoptsGaAs module for double amplifying output to assure high gain and low distortion

9. LEDdisplays the parameter for easy operation

10. AGCcontrol, when the input within the range -7~+2dB, the output keepsthe same but get good CTB and CSO.

11. Hot-plug dual power supply

12. Class II web manage responsor for thecustomer’s choice

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