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Front panel of four-way reverse optical receiver
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Front panel of four-way reverse optical receiver
Product Series: Optical Fiber Amplifier
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1. the whole machine adopts aluminum die casting, the surface adopts spray paint or passivation treatment, with good waterproof, heat dissipation, electrical conductivity, anti-corrosion ability.

2. Perfect surge suppression circuit improves the ability of lightning resistance and surge impact prevention.

3. The input stage is amplified with imported low-noise gallium arsenide, and the output stage is amplified with original imported doubling power module, so as to ensure perfect C/N and nonlinear distortion performance value at high output.

4. Strict reliability test with MTBF over 100,000 hours.

5. RF output port level and slope can be adjusted.

6. Users are free to choose the output route and output mode:

One main output and one branch output of -12dB, or two average output.

Two-channel main output and two-channel -12dB branch output, or four-channel average output.

7. To extend the service life of the digital tube, when the receiver is opened, the digital tube of optical power is displayed. After closing the upper cover of the receiver, the digital tube is closed.

8. National standard NETWORK management interface type II transponder can be reserved for direct upgrading of network management site.

9. The received optical power range is 2dBm ~ -9dbm.-6DBM receives optical power, RF output level up to 110dBuV;When receiving optical power at -6dbm, C/N is greater than 47dB.

10. The product has two specifications: standard type and 4dB pre-balance.

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