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Field four AG optical receiver
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Field four AG optical receiver
Product Series: Optical Fiber Amplifier
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1. The machine adopts aluminum pressing, its surface adoptspassivation and spray-paint processing, which benefit to the cooling andelectricity and anti-causticity.

2. Perfect fllush Surppress circuit impoved the performace of antithunder and anti-flush.

3. Adopts original module and two amplifying module to guarantee theperfect CSO and CTN when C/N is in high standard.

4. Good stability,MTBF≥100000 hours.

5. AdjustableRF input and slope.

6. The user could choose the frequencyfreely. There are many double filters for choice. The single type could bechanged into single type and the low distribution into high distributionthrough the changing the plug-in unit of duplexer.

(1)Choice for single net: 47~750MHz、47~862MHz

(2)Choice for bi-directional net:

a. 5~35/47~750MHz(keeping 1CH)

b. 5~42/53~750MHz(not keeping 1CH)

c. 5~65/87~750MHz(862MHz)

7. In order to protect the digital display tube, the display tube will onlyworking when the node is open.

8. Reserved International standard manage port,easy for upgrade.

9. Input power range 2dBm~-7dBm. Input =-6dBm, output is 2dBm~-7dBm, C/N≥47dBm.

10. Two models : Standard and 4dB pre-equalization.

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