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CATV&IF optical transmitter
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CATV&IF optical transmitter
Product Series: Optical Fiber Amplifier
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1. Adopt low noiseimported DFB laser.

2. Superiorpre-distortion circuit design, in achieving high standards of CNR value, there arestill perfect CTB and CSO performance value.

3. Intelligent fan, it began to run when thechassis temperature reaches the set 32 ~ 35 ℃.

4. AGC control, so thatdifferent RF input level can still maintain a considerable output performance.

5. VFD or LED display,with laser monitoring, digital display, fault alarm, network management andother functions; once the laser operating parameters deviate from the softwareset the allowable range, will alert.

6. With standard RS232interface for local network management and monitoring of computers.

7. With standard RJ45 interface support SNMP forremote monitoring.

8. High-qualityswitching power supply, can be 90V ~ 265V AC or -48V DC work.

9. Single input withfrequency 47~2600MHz.

10. CATV and SAT-IFsignal can be transmitted in a single fiber.

11. It can be amplifiedby EDFA and EYDFA, compatible with any FTTX PON technology.

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