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1550nm external modulated optical transmitter
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1550nm external modulated optical transmitter
Product Series: Optical Fiber Amplifier
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1. Both the external modulator and laser are imported from the United States orJapan.

2. Perfect pre-distortion circuit ensuresthe best CTB and CSO when the CNR is in high


3. Perfect SBS suppresscircuit and adjustable SBS, suitable for different types of CATV.

4. AGC control.

5. Internal double power which can be changed automatically.

6. Automatically shell temperature control.

7. Internal microprocessor software has thefunction of laser monitoring, parameter display, fault ,warning, net managementand so on. Once the working parameter of the laser goes out of he fixed valueof the software, the machine will warn.

8 .The transmitterprovides RS232 and RJ45 standard interface for the connecting the computer.

9. Single input with frequency 47~862&950~2600MHz.

10. CATV and SAT-IF signal can be transmitted in a single fiber.

11. It can be amplified by EDFA and EYDFA, compatible with any FTTX PON technology.

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